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These 3 wrong decisions will really overprice reconstruction

A proper reconstruction has significant impact on increasing comfort of living as well as the value of your property. However preparing a correct budget is not a simple matter. You must know what the goal of reconstruction is. What the outcome should be.

Look? Functionality? Comfort? Safety? Where to add and where decrease our requirements, so that the renovation costs do not climb up to dizzying heights. On the basis of a kitchen reconstruction let us show you what to avoid so that reconstruction costs aren´t unnecessarily high.  Therefore, the basic question is:

Is a complete reconstruction necessary or will a quick facelift be enough?

Even though you have not started with the reconstruction, if you make a wrong decision here, you can make the first and substantial mistake.

The ideal way is if the reconstruction helps you achieve appearance facilitation and unification and increase the comfort of living. The time, when kitchen worked as a closed space where food is prepared and consumed, is over.

Many people nowadays desire an open space that allows them to communicate with others or to look after children. Kitchen is the ideal space for socialization.

Before you start with the reconstruction, you need to clarify what you want to achieve with the modifications. Cosmetic improvements improving space appearance or a complete reconstruction which will change functionality of the whole household.

Complete reconstruction = functionality goes first

If the kitchen suffers from lack of functionality, it is more appropriate to invest in a complete reconstruction in the long run. How to avoid mistakes and do the complete reconstruction correctly?

Think about how you currently use the kitchen space and why you really need to improve its functionality. What does not currently suit you about it?

Reconstructed kitchen should decrease the distance between the fridge, pantry and the place on the worktop where you will prepare meals.

Except for that you have to remember the so called kitchen golden rule. Three dominant kitchen elements (sink and water tap, cooker and fridge) should form a straight triangle.

In this type of reconstruction everything is about efficiency and functionality. The less you run from one side to the other, the less problems and time you spend not only with the cooking itself but also with the subsequent cleaning.

You must think through how your kitchen does (not) work now and how will the functioning as a whole improve after the reconstruction. Think about other rooms in your home the same way. Consult a friend who knows or an architect.

Quick facelift = cheaper renovation option

Cosmetic improvements are of course not even cheaper but also easier to be done. If you decide to adjust the kitchen using a quick facelift, it is appropriate to focus on these 4 areas:

Kitchen unit

Kitchen unit is actually a set of cabinets and sockets the primary purpose of which is storage space. How to do a quick facelift of the kitchen unit? Try to refresh the appearance of cabinets by repainting them. Your kitchen will immediately gain another style, if you let cabinet doors or front socket panels measured and exchanged. Just replace the handles and grips and the kitchen can look trendier in a matter of minutes.


Recessed lighting is modern in the kitchen, but it is expensive. And not even because of the installation. If the layout or the type of lights cease to suit you after some time, the costs of removing and re-installing other lights must be considered.

The key to a functional kitchen is to choose utility lightning, which efficiently lights up areas where you prepare or consume meals. A low-cost hanging lamp is also a suitable option for delivering the necessary amount of light to the kitchen.

If you want to think over long-term electricity costs, forget the classic bulbs, even if you buy them cheaply today. CFL or LED bulbs are more energy efficient in the long run, which is reflected in electricity consumption.

Appliances and technology

Renovating? Consider replacement of your current appliances. You can save money with modernizing appliances. Replacement of appliances should be reflected in lower electricity consumption and increased performance.

If you make a thorough search of the current market offer and the choose right, you may get the acquisition costs on purchase of better and more economical appliances back in few years, due to a decrease in operating and energy costs.

Reconstructing? Add technologies you have missed. Until now you have only cooked and lit in the kitchen. After reconstruction you have the option to add for instance recuperation in the household and smoke and flood sensors in the kitchen.

Used materials

The hectic lifestyle and busyness cannot be matched with the time needed to thoroughly clean the kitchen after each use. If you renovate, choose easy-to-clean surfaces where the formation of bacteria and fungi will be minimal.

This is why hardwood, smooth granite materials, stainless steel or tile are very popular materials in the kitchen. They are easily cleaned and resistant to cracking.

You do not set your maximum budget and change the rules during the game

If you change rules during the run, you cause a considerable increase to your budget. For example, if you decide to move your sink during ongoing renovation, what all it entails?

Relocating pipelines, cutting into the floor, extending deadlines or re-purchasing material. The time needed for the reconstruction to be completed is increased and you need to pay the overtime as well. Simply prepare for additional plumbing and electrical operations.

How to avoid it? Create the most accurate and detailed list of your wishes. Based on this, experts can give you a more accurate estimate of the actual costs and time needed for the reconstruction. Any change during the run increases your maximum budget.

You do not think about the future and you do not go with the times

An intelligent household is the full standard of today. With extensive reconstruction, you should consider whether you want to go with the times, increase the comfort of living as well as home security.

Planning of reconstruction is the ideal time when to thing about the home automation system. You can connect all your technologies to it and force them to work together. This will help you achieve the state when technologies take care of your comfort while maximizing efficiency.

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