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This light costs 10,000 euro. Would you buy it?

What would you say to the light that would shine over your head like the blue of the sky? This intention was taken by Coelux and turned it into reality. They developed a light platform imitating the sky. If you look up, you will see a window and in it a real sky blue without any cloud.

You can experience weather made for a beautiful spring day also in your living room. Irrespective of whether it rains, snows or just about to get heavy outside. However you have still a reason to smile. Light sky will take care of it gladly.

The first visual impression may be mistaken, so you will not immediately know whether it is light or reality. Similarity with the sky, however, is not only purely superficial.

Its light, with its alternating chromaticity temperature, approaches the colour of the day sky, which has a similar spectral composition. This also brings interesting health benefits.

It would like to tune in to your wavelength so sophisticatedly. Are you rather a night type? Coelux has also developed a variant for romantic people who like to guide their better half through the night sky with a million glittering stars. Out of these, you can choose your desired diamond in the end.

You have possibly already found one, because this technology has definitely something to offer. It knows its price though. And it needs to be put in a spotlight. If you invest in it after all, it will definitely not disappoint you. You will be in seventh heaven out of its qualities.

So what? Would you dare to get this exclusive piece? Or are you enlightened enough to get over this investment?

CRI colour rendering index

The quality of light sources is given by several parameters, one of them is the colour rendering index, which is referred to as CRI. CRI maximum value can be compared to 100 per cent colour spectrum, which means that the colour fidelity under a bulb is in theory equal to day light, which is generated by sun light.

First LED bulbs´ CRI was more than 70%, currently the average is somewhere between 80 – 90%. More expensive LEDs have even higher CRI.

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