plyn, sporák
plyn, sporák

Housing gas and electricity cost us the most

Households spend the most amount of money per year on food and non-alcoholic beverages. It results from estimates of household income and expenditure in the European Union in 2017.

One person buys food and non-alcoholic beverages worth 864 euro per year. As far as food is concerned, we mostly spend money on meat. Followed by milk, cheese, eggs, bread and cereals. People get fish and seafood the least, they spend only 24 euro per person a year for that.

Cheap dishes, expensive carpets

They are followed by expenses for housing, water and electricity. These items cost us 778 euro in average per year. Of all home expenses, households pay the most for gas and electricity, then for water and finally for rent and maintenance.

As far as home furnishings are concerned, we mostly spend money on furniture, carpets and floors and we spend the least on tableware or household tools.

Better car than school

The third biggest item in the annual household budged represents transportation, i.e. car purchase and its operation. On the contrary, households spend the least money on education, only 31 euro per year per person in a household.

We spend much more on culture and leisure, annually in average even more than on furniture. This item amounts to 270 euro per person a year in total. We do not purchase many newspapers and books, they are even worse than education in this comparison – we spend only 26 euro a year in average and that is together with office supplies.

Alcohol as well as cigarettes

In comparison to other expenses, alcohol and tobacco products do not burden our wallets that much; we spend an average of 118 euro per person per year on them. It is not possible to say whether we buy more alcohol or cigarettes, given the average spending on both items – about 60 euro per year.

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