Five things you need to know when purchasing furniture

Each one of use wants to feel cosy and comfortable in our household. This is why we are arranging rooms with furniture. If you are planning to purchase new furniture we have these five tips for you.

In order to save your time

Do the initial search on the internet. You can find the pieces you like online. However do not search through websites of specific merchants.

If you want to buy a double bed, enter “double bed” into the search engine and choose to browse images. Do you see a picture of the bed you like? Click on it to get to the website of a particular merchant.

Internet search can give you a solid base for what to search for in physical furniture store.

TIP: Try to buy furniture during last days in a month. Many stores try to fulfil monthly sale standards and it may therefore happen that you purchase what you need for the best possible price.

If you purchase furniture online, search for customer reviews not only for said piece of furniture, but also reviews of the merchant itself.

If more merchants are selling the same piece of furniture for the same price, this way you exclude purchase in the store on which people are complaining. And you will choose the right and trouble-free retailer.

In order for you to feel cosily in a room

A large amount of furniture and big furniture optically makes the room smaller. The room then seems not only dark but also less airy. Thus man unwillingly reduces the level of cosiness and comfort. Not to mention that you actually buy unnecessarily large dust traps.

If the room is big with higher ceilings, choose higher sofas, tables and chairs. When the room is lower, it is good if you focus on low profile sofas, tables and beds. Only this way you will achieve that you do not feel uneasy or overcrowded in the room.

So you do not put your foot into it with regards to colour

Floor, walls and furniture. What rules apply here? The furniture must not coincide with the floor. A contrast must be chosen so that furniture excels on the floor.

White walls are still IN. Not only they optically make the room bigger, it is also a great contrast colour to neutral ground and grey hues of furniture. Contrast may be achieved by an appropriate carpet.

If you purchase furniture, have samples of colours you already have in the room with you. Otherwise it may happen, that you fall in love with a furniture piece, but when you buy it and bring home, you find out that it does not fit in the room.

TIP: You can put some finishing touches to the room with a smaller element. How to do that?

Do you love distinctive orange? An artwork with orange accent, pillow or vase of this distinctive colour is a great choice, which will add to your room and refresh it.

So that you buy only what can fit in through your doors

Before buying furniture, you must have an idea of where and how your new furniture will be located. At the same time, however, you need to be sure that you only buy furniture that will be of the right size and will fit in your room. How to help if you have less imagination?

Draw a sufficiently large rectangle on a sheet of paper. Thus, a shape that resembles the room where you want to buy new furniture as much as possible.

Mark the dimensions of the room, its length and width. Then measure and draw each niche, built-in cupboard or a fireplace. Everything that enters the space of this room.  Mark all dimensions on the paper.

If you like any piece of furniture online – on the internet, search also for its dimensions. If they are not stated, ask for them.

Then take, for example, a painting tape and define the borders of the location where you want to place the chosen piece of furniture.

You can draw and cut off the required shape and size of a carton. Placement and moving in space will make it much easier.

TIP:  Measure also all doors and spaces, through which the furniture needs to be taken to be placed on the right spot. There is nothing worse than when you find out that you cannot turn around with the furniture when you carry it, or it cannot squeeze through some of the doors because they are too narrow.

So that you will not regret later

Do you have the furniture transport included in price? There is nothing worse than when you realize at the last minute that transport to your home will cost you more than the entire furniture. While some furniture companies offer free transportation, others charge a lot of money. Either based on the size, weight or number of pieces.

Find out the transport terms and conditions, so that you do not pay more for the transportation than for the new furniture itself.

And did you think of what in the case some part of the furniture gets damaged or if you need to replace the coating? It is advisable to know whether the store where you buy the furniture, supplies spare parts, or under what conditions you can request a replacement at the time of purchase.

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