How to use LED lightning at home

When we proactively think about choosing a light source into our home, we can already think that the “LED age” is coming. LED lightning (Light Emitting Diode) is gradually replacing classic bulbs. The production of halogen lamps was definitely terminated by the European Commission Regulation 1.9. 2018. However why would this lightning type be a welcome guest at your place in particular?


The biggest argument is saving electricity due to low consumption of LED bulbs. Exact calculators are available on the websites of individual online retailers, which calculate specific data based on the parameters you enter. Significant savings in favour of LEDs also compensate for its higher purchase price.


Mechanically resistant

LEDs can also take greater energy surges coming from your side. Unlike their predecessors, they are not easily unbalanced. They show stable mechanical resistance to shocks. If well encapsulated, they are almost immune to breaking. They do not get tired even with frequent handling. They do not mind re-turning on / off, which, on the contrary, is a sensitive spot for classic filament lamps.


Immediate darkness will indicate that classic light bulbs are burnt; on the contrary, the LEDs signal their end by gradually decreasing their brightness. However, this is negligible given the length of their light life. They also save your quality of life as they do not contain mercury and do not emit harmful UVA and UVB radiation.

To give you an idea, the 7-watt LED power source has a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours, which is approximately 15 years, while its halogen 46 watt equivalent last only 2,000 hours, equivalent to 2 years. This means that a typical 7-watt LED bulb consumes up to 85 percent energy less than the 46-watt halogen, which just ceased to be produced.

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LED with a cool head

LED bulbs change the electric energy to light energy efficiently (the state-of-the-art ones in values higher than 100lm/W) without warming up. With power output of 1-5 W, they produce a maximum of 40 ° C. When you are reading for a longer time, you will spontaneously change the inclination of the lamp without surprising heat, which in this case is unrelated to the Saturday night’s fever. To keep a cool head – you would search for this feature in a classic bulb in vain.

The amount of heat emitted from the diode has an important effect on its lifetime. Therefore, we need to make sure that it is properly drained from the chip into the external environment. We can cleverly ensure cooling of LED belts for example by LED profiles, which also provide options for aesthetic solutions.

They are ready immediately

LEDs have immediate luminous efficiency (only a few milliseconds). This means that once the light turns they shine at full power. The diodes can be dimmed from 0 to 100% of their luminosity. In addition, if we want to concentrate the light on a selected object, we can use LED highlight it because the LED light beam does not shine in all directions.

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A perfect symbiosis with your smart home system

You get the greatest added value from any light sources if you control them intelligently. With LEDs, you can literally play with the decoration. If you connect them into your smart home system, you can get beautiful light effects with them.

Heating by boiler or heat pump – what’s worth more?