Was it a good thing to prohibit halogen bulbs? 8 things it means for you

A topic almost ten years old, while sale of new halogen bulbs was forbidden in the European Union only since first September of this year. This regulation, approved by member states of the EU in 2009 applies to all products manufactured in the EU, but also products imported into EU.

So in translation – merchants can sell old supplies, but you should now come across halogens in your kitchen oven, table lamps, or headlights at best. Why exactly there? According to the European Commission an adequate alternative has not yet been developed.


What does it mean for you? 

LED alternative of a halogen bulb has the following advantages according to the European Commission:

You can recycle it.

You will help the environment. It is assumed, that its implementation on the whole European level makes us release by at least 3 and a half million tons less CO2 emission.

We will save more energy together. With LED lighting, we are able to save as much electricity every year as the annual energy consumption in Estonia or five year consumption in Portugal.

You save money. Compared to the purchase of a halogen bulb, its LED alternative will save family budget, since in comparison to halogen bulb LED has five to ten times longer lifetime. You can save up to 100 euro per product life cycle compared to a traditional bulb, which makes about 20 years.

You will not lose lightning quality. Even though it does not seem possible to somebody LED does not have less luminosity. The fact that the power of a LED bulb in Watts is lower than what we are used to in halogens, does not mean it shines less. In fact we save more energy with LED. When buying this bulb, it is therefore necessary to look at its luminosity, scattering, or the angle at which it shines. LED luminosity is listed in so called lumens.

Do not get mad of high prices. LED technology was once considered an expensive rarity, rather than a higher middle class thing. Few years ago you bought four to five halogen bulbs for one LED. This, of course, is also a matter of demand as well as development which has rapidly increased today in case of LED technology, and so its price has also decreased.

You have a warranty period on it.

You can be at ease for at least 10 years. LEDs last in average of 10-20 years, halogens´ life was from three to four years.

Heating by boiler or heat pump – what’s worth more?