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Latest trends in interior design

What will surprise us the trend of the interior design in 2019 with? That is a hot seat question. If you are a millionaire already, sit down comfortably on a big, velvet sofa with metallic glitter and let yourself get the answers that will take you one step ahead.

Development in architecture and design is not as fast as what we are used to in the fashion industry. New trends are mostly determined by change in human thinking and life style. That becomes an incentive for invention of new material or innovative technology, which ultimately also affects the final aesthetics.

Based on this background, we will bring you up to date news that lie mainly in the new concept and use of what has already been invented.

Practical elegance

The set of furniture Yemenite Totem inspired by Jewish-Yemen culture, succeeded in blending elements of functionality and art together with a subtle reference to nation´s tradition. Elegance and beauty in housing are increasingly supplemented by tailored elements that take into account the need for flexibility, compactness and optimal use of human time and space.

Settled nomad

Nomad lifestyle – so we can call a new look at housing, especially in the productive middle-aged generation. However, fast working and social life intensifies the need for a warm home. That is reflected in the choice of materials and completely new interior solutions.

Architects from Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo decided to use the warmth and robustness of a brick for this purpose. An original exterior element thus came also inside, where it creates specific atmosphere.

Resurrection of 3D print

The Dutch company Aectual played with the clients´ desire to personalize their household by a designed floor concept. The computer models a specific design for a three-dimensional object using the original 3 D printing technology that dates back to the 1980s of the previous century. This way we can create various designs upon request, which are subsequently filled in by terazzo mixture.

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