Latest trends in interior lightning

How can intelligent technologies change the face of design? What latest collections of interior lighting currently star on the stage? Co-owner of the company Smart Light, Ing. Ľubomír Koreň reveals us what lies beyond the curtain, when the lights go down.

Invisible source

Manufacturers more and more take into account the health factor and the quality of human life in the development of lighting design. That means light, which is literally pleasing to the eye. Not only from the aesthetic point of view but mainly from the functional side. The basis for construction of this lightning is knowing that the optimal light is the one the source of which we do not directly see.

In the context of evolution, human vision best feels with indirect light spread out into space. An example is the natural brightness of the sky. The sun with its concentrated light point stands on the other hand. Therefore the manufacturers´ effort is to hide the light source to decrease the unwanted glare.

Glare factor

Special microprismatic diffusers, which direct light and diffuse reflection from a large number of small sanded faces are used in the production of “eye friendly” lights. They are mainly used in offices – the light reaches the work area, but the unwanted light shining directly to eyes is concurrently eliminated. One of the parameters of office lightning quality is the glare factor. We can play with hiding the light source also when it is sunk into the ceiling. This again eliminates the sharp spotlight.

Shrinking has a majority

As the lights are heated with increasing power, they have to have an integrated aluminium cooler. Designers react with decreasing the size of basic parts, giving the designer almost unlimited possibilities to design the shape of lamp – the lamp itself is often used as a passive cooler.

Clients especially require functionality, variability and mostly durability of light sources. Perhaps this is why functionalism aimed at pure shapes and austere geometry is now at the forefront. Sharp edges, which were demanded about eight years back, however, replaced the demand for ovals, rollers and circles. The regular colours are white, black and its combination with precious metals, gold and fine metallic accents.

Tunable White

Also, the colour of the light source itself is not negligible. Cold light stimulates senses, helping to increase concentration where you need to start up performance. Therefore, it is mainly used in workplaces.

When selecting a colour of the light at home, warm dimmable light with the option of practical control prevails. Emphasis is placed on pleasant feeling, home comfort and functionality. We can achieve this by an integrated control system, under which the options of setting different light scenes fall.

Current trend in multifunctional premises is so called “tunable white”, i.e. possibility of changing light colour from cold to warm.

Dimming on stage

Variability of light scenes, especially the dimming function allows to change modes according to the day phase or to current need: indirect lightning to create a pleasant atmosphere in the family circle, as well as illuminating the central light at full power when cleaning, for example.

On the contrary, the era of entertaining colourful lighting with remote control has moved into the category of “deferred toys in the corner” because it has no practical use for clients in terms of efficiency.

Design as solitaire

Innovations in technologies of LED lights are advancing so fast that design adapts to their pace. Light gets the space for decorative effect most often as a solitaire where we need to engage attention. In households it is mainly in the entrance hall and living room, i.e. premises which the guests see first. For hotels, restaurants and businesses with large meeting rooms and a lobby bar, design is already a matter of prestige.

Bright future

What’s waiting for us in the near future? Man will no longer change a bulb in the lamp by himself. Light sources will be directly integrated in the lamp which will allow its more efficient cooling and therefore increased durability. It will be sold as a complete product with professional service in case of failure or damage. Just as we are used to when buying a standard electric appliance.

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Latest trends in interior design