Where to place thermostat to achieve efficient heating?

The path to efficient heating has several phases that need to be reasonably considered. One of these is undoubtedly the correct location of a thermostat. Do you know where to place the thermostat and which places are inappropriate for this purpose? We will also tell you what you should consider before selecting the most ideal place for the thermostat.

The main role of the thermostat is to maintain the selected room or home temperature. Modern thermostats prevent unnecessary overheating, and you can also save quite some money with a well-set thermostat. Setting the temperature on the thermostat is also extremely quick and easy. In comparison to the manual setting of radiators, the thermostat brings a number of advantages and definitely has its place in every modern home.

The importance of installing the thermostat in the right place

In order for the thermostat to function correctly, it is necessary to place it in the right place. Although it is not rocket science, you should take into account a number of factors before selecting the place, as they could subsequently adversely affect its functioning. Let us add that an incorrectly positioned thermostat will not be able to measure the room temperature properly, and there is also a risk of not being able to reach the set values.

If you already have the ideal place for your thermostat, think of the ‘golden rule’. It is true that the thermostat should be located where the air flows naturally. Avoid installing it in the corners of rooms, near furniture or hidden behind something. If we talk about air flowing, it is certainly worth emphasizing that it must be natural. Do not place the thermostat near windows, air conditioner or radiators.

What is the ideal place for thermostat placement?

A free wall without furniture and heating bodies is thus ideal for the placement of the thermostat. For the convenience of use, we recommend installing the thermostat at the same height as your eyes or the eyes of a person using it the most. When it comes to wire thermostat, you should also take into account the way the cables are wired so that their wiring does not disturb the appearance of the room.

So if you expects lower heating costs or increased comfort from your thermostat, it is necessary for it to ‘get a little help’ with the correct installation. Whether you plan to place the thermostat in the living room, entrance hall or corridor, always take into account the above mentioned factors. You will be rewarded not only with comfortable heating but also with lower energy costs.  

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